3 in the morning

ok I was sleeping and the lady under me I guess she had a house guess so I guess her house guess said they would leave and come back at 3 in the morning of course her guess didn’t have a key to get back in so her guess said  (I will bang on her window to wake her up to let me in) her guess ranged her bell no ansewer so its 3 in the morning they have a big fight at 3 in the morning they know there are people sleeping do the care no this lady is so disrespectful it don’t make cents.


Am I reading this wrong on no

I see on my boyfriends Facebook from a ex wife let go hang out for my birthday now should I be mad at him for letting this be on his wall or should I let this go this is the same women that who had called her a hoe and said she is nothing to me I don’t want her back but everyday you are talking to your ex bestfriend should I let this go or be like at less he not sleeping with her and be okay with this 


Why do i try.

Why do u have to say anything.

Why can’t I just be who I am.

Why do u have to suck the fun out of what I want to do.

Why don’t u be you and let me be me.

Why not let me see if I will fall on my own i have to get but up and try again.

Movies and shows that have poetry/writing 

The reason why I watch charmed is because Phoebe writes about relationships I like this show the reason I watch sex in the city Carrie writes about relationships the reason why I love the movie freedom writers the writing part in the movie I also read the book the reason why I love watching the movie The Devil Wears Prada Andrea is a writer the movie For Colored Girls the poetry part I loved it Poetic Justice the poetry part of it also I love jeant Jackson and Tupac besides that Princess Diaries the part where she is writing in her diarie all these shows and movies have to do with what I love to do i can watch them so many times and never get board with them writing is what I do I love poetry and writing.

What do this year will mean to me

This year will mean I will be more happier the 2016 growing up that’s what this mean there are a lot of people out there that don’t even know what that means letting go of meaningless things that don’t matter any more or people that u though u had a good conversation with now its not even worth your time being you that’s what this year is my year i will be me no matter what you are who you are don’t let no one stop you from being you.

This is what I am about

I am a writer I love to write that is why I am making this blog. I love reading other bloggers articles my day is i get up I drink my coffee then I go on my Twitter and my Facebook then I make a blog there are two bloggers out there in Youtube land that really helped me do this again when I use my Instagram but not a lot my Instagram is all about inspiration quotes watch I love looking up all the time I seen a blogger on WordPress that is all about inspirational quotes I love GOD with out him I old not be here I watch the news I watch judge shows I watch reality shows I don’t work but am not ashame about it i was born with a birth defect called fetal alcohol syndrome most people in the USA don’t even know what that is there are lots of people that have it in Canada so this is who Tanishea brown is what she is about I love to write 

Come in my world

My shows I watch and my music I love have a Twitter and a Facebook when I write I write on here. This is my blog I want to write because it makes me happy am writing what I know my life everyday I love to read blogs and story’s I read the bible I will always have faith and GOD and love all looking forward to being in yall world so please come in my world if anyone have suggestions feel fee to tell comments all always have faith and god bless you all

Get to know me

My name is Tanishea I love to write I been writing since 7th grade. I always knew I wanted to be a writer so I call myself Tanishea the writer of the future yes this is going to be my writing. Am looking forward to getting to know u all and u read my writing I will read yours I was up all night thinking about what to say to all my readers.