This is what I am about

I am a writer I love to write that is why I am making this blog. I love reading other bloggers articles my day is i get up I drink my coffee then I go on my Twitter and my Facebook then I make a blog there are two bloggers out there in Youtube land that really helped me do this again when I use my Instagram but not a lot my Instagram is all about inspiration quotes watch I love looking up all the time I seen a blogger on WordPress that is all about inspirational quotes I love GOD with out him I old not be here I watch the news I watch judge shows I watch reality shows I don’t work but am not ashame about it i was born with a birth defect called fetal alcohol syndrome most people in the USA don’t even know what that is there are lots of people that have it in Canada so this is who Tanishea brown is what she is about I love to write 


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